El Cerrito will offer 12 Residential homes, only 11 are for sale. Houses are designed by Zozaya Arquitectos and they will be offering 3 bedrooms and a studio, social area offers a great Palapa and Pool area!

The topography in that area has a hill so the architects have designed the masterplan to guarantee ocean views to all residences, of course the higher the home the better the view!

These properties include luxury finishes and full kitchens installed.

One of the benefits of owning a home at El Cerrito rather than buying and building your own home:

Shared infrastructure costs, wastewater treatment plant, large cistern, solar power, cfe electricity generator. Offer co-working and amenities spaces
Design homes. Security- shared maintenance costs.

Asking price

Pre-sales start at $835k USD - $1.1M USD
(Prices vary depending on location of the home)

(US) 831 325 7356
MX (52) 755 139 5041
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