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Palo Alto

Great Duplex in gated surf community, located just 4 minute walk to an amazing surf break. Palo Alto surf can get epic, with minimal crowds it’s a great place to own a place.

This two story duplex sits on 1600m2 of land, enough to add on. The bottom floor room had a nice polished cement front porch area, with a cement couch, hammock set up and grill. The room is a good size, with its private bathroom, kitchen and inside table. There are concrete closets and air conditioning.

As you walk around the building, you come to an elevated swimming pool. Great place to escape the hot summer days and rinse the salt off after a long day surf.

The back of the building is also where you enter the top room. Similar style of concrete polished cement floors, cement built in closet, and full kitchen.

Walking the room, you can see directly in front, the elevated deck through the glass door windows. This beautiful deck shaded by coconut trees, I’d set up for a table and outdoor hammock.

This duplex is great for a surf escape with the family or rental unit for surfers. 

Asking price

$235,000 USD


The Ranch

Surfers paradise! This subdivision contains 11 lots, 900m2 each, 200 meters from the beach. One of the best surf spots in the area, and a great investment for the future. This is a conscience subdivision that has a green area between lots, restrictions on building, one meter from lot line and no building higher than 13 meters.

This area is great to own your surf villa where you can go and relax after ripping some waves. There is no doubt the area will grow and become a surfing community.
Lote Size: 900m2

Asking price

Range is from $45,000.00 to $55,000.00 USD

(US) 831 325 7356
MX (52) 755 139 5041
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